Top 5 restaurants in Rehovot, Israel

Maase Olam

By Amanda Gold

They say the fastest way to a man’s heart is through their stomach…well the fastest way to make me feel home is through mine. Here are my top 5 favorite restaurants in Rehovot Israel. Home never tasted so good!






#5 Lool

If you are looking for a refreshing smoothie or a nice cold beer this is the place to go. Lool is a delicious local café where not only are their drinks top notch but their food is too! Israeli toasts, Yemen Malawach, and amazing corn that you would be crazy not to try.  Located right on the main street you can really get a feel for Rehovot and meet the locals.  

Herzl St 202, Rehovot

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#4 Badra

When living or even visiting Israel, hummus is a staple in every person’s diet. Just like with the American diner, everyone has their favorite, which they swear is the best. But really, Badra here in Rehovot is actually the best! This small restaurant with a really cool backyard makes you feel like you’re eating at your friend’s house. Highlights on their menu include, obviously their hummus, their crispy falafel, and their killer fries, or as the locals call them, chips. Also they make really fresh lemonade which helps keep you hydrated as you’re chowing down!

Herzl St 173, Rehovot

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#3 BBB: BurgusBurgerBar

If you are looking for a hearty, meaty meal BBB is the place to go. Since you’re probably not frequenting this restaurant for their salads (even though they are tasty and refreshing), you have an array of tasty burgers, with different toppings and best of all multiple sauces to make your burger your own.  To top off your meal they make real American styled onion rings (which are rare to find in Israel) and if you are feeling so inclined, their chocolate brownie dessert is to die for!

Park Hamada, Mair Visgal 2

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#2 Pasta Basta

The days of creating your own salad are gone! It’s all about the pasta! Pasta Basta is the place to go when you’re craving a hot bowl of pasta like your mom makes it but real quick. What is great about this place is you pick your type of pasta, your favorite sauce, and any extras mixed in. So if you’re feeling a bit simple you can choose some rigatoni with a butter sauce and some mozzarella balls, but if you’re feeling a bit crazy you can choose some radiator pasta with a curry sauce, sweet potato, spinach, and the works! Also what is cool about Pasta Basta is that they make gluten free pasta that is actually delicious!

Herzl St 219

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# 1 Buzzi

When you’re craving Chinese food and don’t know where to look, Buzzi will help hold you over until you return home. Chinese food is not really a thing here in Israel, but Rehovot has the hook-up. Buzzi offers all types of Asian food from sushi, to fried rice, to coconut chicken, all at a reasonable price. And what is great about this restaurant is that they deliver! A necessity during the winter in Rehovot!


Herzl St 185, Rehovot

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