Start-up Nation and How to Start Up- Ma'ase Olam Enrichment Day

Maase Olam

Here we have a summary of one of our latest Ma'ase Olam Enrichment days! 


Our day started off with a visit to Dell/EMC. 

There we heard from an investor about his dynamic task of choosing which start-ups to support. He also gave us a brief history of how Israel became the start-up nation and the "ecosystem", as he referred to it,  that allows this type of industry to flourish.

This macro lens was countered by our next stop at the start-up "Roomer". Here we learned from members of this small company about their grassroots history; a couple of friends in college had an idea. A few years after that, we were sitting in their office in downtown Tel Aviv. They had a small but comprehensive staff, and were financially successful and expanding. They explained the detailed process they went through to create their company as well as the benefits their university program offered that helped to facilitate each step.

We concluded the day with our visit to the Peres Center for Peace was an insightful experience. 

We learned about the multiple facets of work the organization is doing to build relationships between groups inside and outside of Israel. In particular, we learned about the work being done to connect Israel and Gaza, and Israel and the West Bank. It was interesting to hear about the focus on bridging the youth in these various communities. The projects were diverse and ranged from training doctors to soccer and photography groups for children.

We also learned about the limitations and barriers that exist for peace. Our presenter highlighted the language barrier between Hebrew and Arabic speakers, as well as separate schools for speakers of each language, to be some of the most significant barriers for peace in Israel.

 Overall, these three very diverse presentations on Israel gave perspective on some of the many intricacies of Israeli society.  


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