Late Nights, Drinks and Bars...oh my!

Maase Olam

During the day Rehovot is a very bustling city, but at night it turns into a student's town with really great local bars. Here is the rundown of my favorites.

By Amanda Gold



#1 La Morse- Irish Pub

If you are looking for a local pub feel when you go out in Rehovot, La Morse is the place to go! The friendly staff, regular student population, and welcoming vibe make it so you quickly fit in. Also the beer list is pretty hefty as any Irish themed pub should be. Some cool things about this bar are the food (great chicken fingers and fries) and once a week they have a live music night! My best advice for anyone wanting to go on the live music night is to make a reservation and make it early! The place gets packed! 


Photo Credit: La Morse Facebook:

Address: 203 Herzl, Rehovot


#2 Herzl Bar

Herzl Bar is a mix between a great cafe/restaurant and a bar. A cool feature about this place is all the outdoor seating! You can really get a feel for Rehovot at night by sitting at this bar sipping on your cold or hot drink! Things to try: their hot drinks (best consumed during the winter) and their pizza (best consumed always!). As a New Yorker I was skeptical about their pizza but I have to say that it was actually pretty good and cheesy, and served with a cold beer I am sold! 



Photo Credit:Herzl Bar Facebook:

Address: Hertsel 209, Rehovot


#3 The Tachana

When sitting at your local pub just isn't cutting it and you want to dance to loud music and party the night away you should definitely make your way over to the Tachana. This spot, which is right near the train station, has great drinks, fun vibes, and lots of people to meet. And if dancing on bars is your kind of thing, it is encouraged here! 


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Address:  פארק המדע, אופנהיימר 2, Rehovot 

(Park Hamadan Oppenhimer 2, Rehovot) 


#4 Beerzia 

Located right upstairs from La Morse, Beerzia brings retro back with its cool style. Slightly more "clubby" than your standard local bar, you still feel like a local here as the staff actually remembers you and when they find out you're English speaking want to sit and talk with you all night. If you come on the right night you might even get some freebies! I have walked away with T-shirts, beer glasses, bottle openers and more! Suggestion: try to get a seat near the window, it is a cool view of the street from there. 


Photo Credit: Beerzia Facebook Page

Address: 203 Herzl, Rehovot (upstairs from La Morse)


#5 The Faculta (The Dripper)

Did someone say cheap beer and wine? The Faculta is the place to be for students and visitors alike, where everything is aimed towards students, which means lots of discounts on drinks! This place has a lot of teamed nights also so I suggest finding a university student, which shouldn't be too hard, and asking them what's happening there. And whenever there is a jam night do not miss it! Believe me! 


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Address: Faculty of Agriculture Campus (AKA, ask a student)


#6 Hamara

Rehovot is a pretty cool place, did I ever mention that? And Hamara makes it cooler. This place is sort of like your local hipster hang out without being surrounded by hipsters. The vibe is interesting and chill. What makes it this way is that the menu of food and alcohol changers daily based on what is fresh and delicious! So if you are there just know you will need to go back the next day also. 


Photo Credit: Hamara Facebook,

Address: Herzl 210, Rehovot


Is there anything I missed? Want more information about things to do in Rehovot, Israel? Want to come volunteer teaching English in Rehovot and try all these places? Email